Frequently asked questions

What is mycelium?

Mycelium is the branching underground structure of mushrooms. It grows as tiny threads that forms vast networks under the forest floor. The mycelium gives the material the strength and, if required, also suppleness.

What are mycelium materials?

Mycelium materials are made by adding fungal mycelium to an organic substrate, This process is called inoculation. The mycelium is growing as a thread like network into the organic matter in just a few days. Creating a strong, biodegradable material.

What products are available?

Hedelcomposite materials are exclusively available to our Kineco partner. Visit their website to learn more about Hedelcomposite.

Do you have instructions to process the mycelium substrate?

You can download the growing guidelines of Hedelcomposite at Kineco

Why are you located in Ammerzoden?

The area around Ammerzoden is known for its mushroom growing. Quite some mushroom growers in the Netherlands are located in this area. To have the full advantage of that ecosystem MME decided to start-up their business in this area as well.

How sustainable is mycelium material?

MME is applying the principles of a mushroom farm. Mushrooms are edibles, so no chemicals are allowed to be added. In our mushroom farm sustainability is in our DNA. The substrate from MME is made from 100% organic raw materials, e.g. sawdust (a byproduct from a sawmill), corn flour and wheat bran. After the mushrooms are harvested the remains of the substrates are used as natural fertilizer by agricultural farmers or golf courses. A nice and practical example of a circular economy. 

What strain do you use?

The strain is a licensed strain which we are unable to reveal.